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How MindStylz helped me:

"It has really helped me identify areas I need to address in my own life and the importance of having/establishing boundaries with clients or people I may work with."

Hair professional, attended a 2008 MindStylz session

 About MindStylz


Why do communities of color mistrust mental health services? Historically, the field of psychology has not considered and/or respected cultural differences. There were direct and indirect biases and stereotyping among clinicians. Numerous barriers kept communities of color from accessing mental health services. Some of them are intrinsic to the community cultures, others are society-based:


The purpose of MindStylz is to empower communities of color in the following ways:

barber with client

About EDTF

MindStylz was developed by the Ethnic Diversity Task Force (EDTF), a group of ethnically and racially diverse professionals and students. EDTF promotes and advocates for culturally competent mental health services in communities of color. EDTF supports the recruitment and retention of ethnically diverse students and professionals in the field of psychology through networking and mentorship. EDTF is part of the Connecticut Psychological Association (CPA).